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Trusted services for the storage and logistics of high-value industrial materials

Of the many industries that Murphy Logistics services, industrial warehousing and industrial logistics in general cover the largest range of our customers. Industrial logistics is the transportation, storage, and distribution of any industrial product throughout the supply chain. This broad definition allows us to work with a vast array of clients in numerous industries. That experience has provided us with a well-earned reputation when it comes to industrial logistics.

Building materials such as steel and lead, as well as sheets of wood and bundles of lumber, are common types of industrial materials we handle. Industrial logistics also covers manufacturing materials, from components to end products such as paper and pallets.

Murphy’s customer base is broad. We even work with more niche products like solar panels and consumer goods, so we’ve become adept at handling almost anything our industrial clients need. Being efficient, adaptable, and ready for anything is a must for all industrial logistics companies.

Industrial Warehousing

Why is industrial warehousing and logistics a specialty service? Industrial customers have special requirements to ensure their products are delivered on time for their essential roles in buildings, construction, landscaping, and manufacturing. Efficiency is key within industrial supply chains. 

By working with a trusted industrial logistics company, especially one that can also offer industrial warehousing like Murphy, you are able to open up a line of fast communication to ensure timely order processing and efficient picking and distribution. These well-established procedures are set up to make sure delivery appointments are met and products are where they need to be when they need to be there, with a guarantee that everything is safe and secure.

It’s worth noting that storage requirements and procedures often need to be customized or specialized when it comes to industrial warehousing space. While standard warehousing and pallet storage may be part of an industrial supply chain, many times there are other requirements that can only be met with a true industrial warehousing partner. 

Oversized storage often involves the handling of large, heavy, and oddly shaped items, which require the use of specialized equipment and skilled operators. This may include outdoor forklifts, which are equipped with larger tires that help navigate outdoor weather conditions. Outdoor storage is a popular choice for many industrial clients as well, and not all standard warehousing companies can offer this option. Because many industrial materials are rugged and may be used outdoors, companies can utilize Murphy’s large, secure yard spaces to store more durable materials, saving on total cost when compared to traditional storage space.

Industrial Logistics

While industrial customers often need our specially designed storage options, their logistics and distribution requirements are extremely important to us as well. Custom picking, distribution, and shipping solutions help each of our unique clients ensure a successful supply chain experience. Murphy’s industrial logistics team works with clients to provide everything they need to keep their projects moving efficiently.

Murphy also provides just-in-time shipping options to keep manufacturing lines operating around the clock. Customers can give our team shipping windows in which to deliver products, just as the production lines will be ready to use them so that there is little space or time wasted in the process.

Another solution we offer that sets us apart from other industrial logistics companies is our custom rail logistics option. Many industrial customers choose to ship products to Murphy via rail. Shipping via rail is a much more efficient way than using over-the-road trucking for long routes. A standard rail car can carry enough product to take as many as three to four trucks off the road, per shipment. That reduction in savings does not go unnoticed. When you take into consideration the environmental efforts with this solution, you can see why both Murphy and our clients often lean this way for long-haul industrial logistics.  

Murphy’s team can unload boxcars, high cube cars, and flat cars on-site. Our warehouse’s indoor rail siding can spot cars in our warehouse to help keep products out of the elements and our employees safe from bad weather. Murphy also ships products out of our warehouse via rail and handles rail transloads for industrial materials. Even our brokerage team gets in on the action, coordinating the next stage in your logistics chain, by securing over-the-road carriers for unique loads such as flatbed, liftgate service, and site delivery to ensure consistent and reliable delivery of your products to their destination.

Upgrade your Industrial Logistics With Murphy

Murphy Logistics has worked hard to be a dependable industrial logistics partner. We are ready to help you customize your logistics solutions.